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Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for visiting the Makana Arts website! My name is Lisanne and I am the artist/maker behind Makana Arts. I am currently working with a variety of materials including moss, wood, concrete and plant design to create uniquely designed home decor products that are handcrafted in Silicon Valley, California.


A few years ago, I made the tough decision to take a break from my previous career to create art that reflects my fascination with shapes/forms, patterns, color, and textures both in nature and the world around us. Although I have made a substantial change from a traditional career path, I have found many ways to use my training and experience in engineering and product development to address challenges both in design and business.


What does Makana mean? “Makana” is the Hawaiian word for gift, and  it reinforces how grateful I am for all that goes into creating my work and how I want to share it with the world. "Grow Your Gifts" is a constant reminder to cultivate what that matters the most.



Grow Your Gifts

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