Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for visiting the Makana Arts website! My name is Lisanne and I am the artist/designer and owner behind Makana Arts. Originally, I was focused on succulents and you may see some references to"Makana Succulents" in some of the pictures. I still love and design succulent arrangements as well as make handcrafted concrete planters, but I am in the process of evolving beyond these mediums to allow for greater exploration and creativity. 



Working with succulents is amazing because it is like painting with a living medium that is so rich in a variety of colors, patterns, textures and sizes. I became interested in succulents for their drought tolerant properties but over the years I have learned and continue to learn how amazing these resilient and forgiving plants are.


I never thought I would be so geeked up about concrete of all things! I started working with it out of somewhat of a perceived necessity - I wasn’t finding the types of planters that I wanted in terms of design and aesthetic. So I took matters into my own hands and started creating concrete planters. Since then, this exploration has revived my interest and background in design and craftsmanship of tangible, functional products.


When I started this business I wanted a name that reflected my ties to my home state of Hawaii and the spirit of the islands. “Makana” is the Hawaiian word for gift and it just seemed to fit. Succulents are some of nature’s gifts. My products make excellent gifts, gifts that grow which is how “Grow Your Gifts” initially emerged as a tagline. But it goes deeper than that, “grow your gifts” is really about appreciating what matters and putting your energy, heart and soul into those things whatever they may be. These “gifts” are the things that are lasting. Personally, it is a big reminder to myself as well. I feel very fortunate and grateful in life – family and friends, abilities and experiences – these are all gifts. What I put into this business is the product of all those gifts. My career has spanned roles ranging from product development engineer to product trainer to sales and marketing professional, so from a very tactical perspective these are all gifts from my corporate experience that I have channeled into something very personal which is my own business.

Grow Your Gifts

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