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Window Installation

San Jose, CA

As part of the Safely Social San Jose Window Display Contest, I designed and configured 3 panels to be suspended at an angle as the center attraction in the window of a San Jose retail store. Dangling amaranthus intermingled with handmade preserved moss balls (kokedama), forest lichen and delicate fairy lights created a dream-like quality to the display. Enhanced by the planters and plants from the business, the display was plant lover’s delight.


IMG_5446 (2).jpg

Behind the Scenes....

Given the constraints of the project in terms of time and access to the site, I created a “prototype” of the installation space in my garage. By using a pegboard, I could test different display configurations and then easily modify the design elements if needed. While it was not originally intended, in the end it made sense to utilize the pegboard in the final installation.

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